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  • Worm Castings vs. Seed Starting Mix

    After seeing some experiments online showcasing how well seeds grew with worm castings, I started running my own experiments and had some really incredible results. Today's blog covers those results, why worm castings are beneficial, and the seed starting success our customers are having!
  • What's the Best temperature for starting seeds?

    After being nestled away in worm casting seedling mix, we all wait (not patiently) for that amazing moment of having our plant baby sprout through...
  • Do I need Seed Starting Mix?

    There are lots of questions from folks to the effect: Do I need Seed Starting Mix? Over the course of this post I share my thinking and what I use instead to get amazing results!
  • February Gardening Tips

    As we enter February it is official: we are on the eve of gardening season. And just like Christmas eve, it can be one of the most restless months of the year. Rather than prematurely starting all our seeds, I am going to share three tips for gardening in February to have an amazing season ahead.
  • Planning Your First Garden? Do These 6 Things to Fall In LOVE With Gardening

    My first year gardening yielded a whopping 1 tomato harvest. But now, I have cupboards full of vegetables and garden goodies more than 4 months after the end of the season. More importantly, I've fallen in love with Mindful Gardening and want to share 6 tips to help you also fall in love with the garden!
  • Did my garlic survive winter?!

    We've had stretches of days where the temperature has been below -10C for days on end - which has left me wondering, did my garlic survive winter? To find out, I dig the snow off our beds and remove the leaf mulch to see if our garlic babies have survived!
  • Beginner Gardening - The BIGGEST Garden Planning Mistake

    The excitement of gardening season has many of us building our garden plans. But, this excitement frequently results in a mistake made by many beginner gardeners when it comes to planning their garden. Today we'll cover not only the biggest garden planning mistake but also its implications and how to avoid it.
  • How to setup an Indoor Seed Starting Station for Mindful Gardening

    With a few key components you will have everything you need to not only start seeds indoors but mindfully garden 12 months of the year. A few of the key components to my Seed Starting Kit include an LED Grow Light, Worm Castings Seedling Mix, Seeds from West Coast Seeds, Incense, and more!
  • 4 Easy DIY LED Grow Light Stands

    I always love the beginning of the year. It’s as if when the clock hits midnight on the previous year that all gardeners begin to come out of their...
  • 3 January Gardening Tips

    Over the past week it hasn’t gotten warmer than -5Celcius and the garden is completely frozen! Nonetheless, the vegetable gardening season is on th...
  • Mind & Soil Year 1 - 5 Reflections on Mindful Gardening

     Wow - what a year it has been! It seems like just yesterday I was stuffing my first load of worm castings into the back of my VW Sportswagen and s...
  • Can you grow in 100% compost?

    I've long been a HUGE fan of Charles Dowding. A rainy Saturday morning with a cup of hot coffee and Charles' soothing voice sharing his latest No ...