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  • Worm Castings vs Compost - Which is better?

    Understanding the difference between worm castings and compost will allow you to use the two of them most effectively!
  • 5 Disadvantages of Worm Castings

    Are there really disadvantages to using worm castings in your garden? While there is plenty of research highlighting how worm castings will improve...
  • HUGE Growth by Potting up Seedlings with Worm Castings

    In only a few weeks the seeds we started indoors are needing to be potted up into a larger home. By potting them up and providing more space and worm casting seedling mix, our plants are THRIVING.
  • 5 Steps to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats

    Spotting small black flies in your seed starting station? These little pests, fungus gnats, are inevitable and can easily be managed by utilizing Integrated Pest Management techniques.
  • Worm Castings vs. Seed Starting Mix

    After seeing some experiments online showcasing how well seeds grew with worm castings, I started running my own experiments and had some really incredible results. Today's blog covers those results, why worm castings are beneficial, and the seed starting success our customers are having!