Episode 1: The Gardening Talk Show LIVE

We are SO excited to share our Newest program with you!

Since creating Mind & Soil, a core belief of mine has been to provide as much free education as possible to take the guesswork out of gardening, so that you can feel confident in the garden and experience its mental health benefits.

So in addition to our YouTube Videos and Happy Hours, we are THRILLED to be launching our LIVE Gardening Talk Show! And for our very first episode we have the amazing Soil Scientist, Ashley Labreque, joining to discuss all things soil!

Over the course of 1hr, we'll cover:
  • My most burning soil questions like how much compost is too much compost?
  • Discuss numerous beginner and advanced soil topics such as how to amend specific parts of the garden for specific crops.
  • AND the questions you ask in the chat function I will be directing to Ashley to answer!

RSVP Below and if you can't attend the recording will be emailed out the following morning! 

Date & Time: Thursday, April 21st, 7:00pm PST

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