5 Steps to Intention and Goal Setting for 2021

As we get the New Year started, it's a perfect time to spend a few minutes slowing down, reflecting on the past year, and aligning our energy for the year ahead.

In the video below I walk through *not only* my framework for how I enter into each year - but also my actual Intention and Goals for 2021. To compliment the video, I have put together each of the 5 steps below so that you too can set yourself up for an amazing year - and will be answering any questions in the comments!


While Goals are very specific and measurable, an Intention is much more energetic and fluid. It's not something that can be measured quantitatively - but can be reflected on and measured in a more qualitative matter. You know those moments when you just intuitively know you tried your best or that while an outcome isn't desired you have a deep sense of pride in how you carried yourself? This is the "gut-feel" we use to determine if we're living out our Intention for the year.

This makes it the perfect compliment to Goals because so much of life is in immeasurable forms - where you simply know whether or not you carried yourself the way that you aspire to.

To set an Intention, consider some of the key areas in your life and how you want to carry yourself in them through the year.

Jordan's 2021 Intention: Building a Strong & Enduring Foundation


With our Intention now set we can focus on the Goals for the key areas in our life. Our Goals are going to be very specific and measurable - things that we can look back at the end of the year and in a "Yes or No" manner be able to determine whether or not we accomplished them.

Additionally, Goals can be established and aligned for each key area of life (i.e. Health, Finances, Relationships, etc.). Starting with each of these areas provides a nice beginning framework to ensure each aspect of our life is thought through - and the amount of focus put into each one will vary from person to person and year to year.

Jordan's 2021 Goals
- Sleep score of 4/5
- Able to place hands flat on the ground with legs straight
- Able to hold an Active Hang with legs straight in-front for 60 seconds
- 60% of customers place a repeat purchase
- 50% Gross Margin to provide financial fuel for Mind & Soil Vision
- 1,000 Unique Customers
- Supply & Support 1x Youth Rehabilitation Center
- 3x Media publications on the Mental Health benefits of gardening
- M&S Revenue of $50,000
- No energy or worry put towards running out of savings until $10,000 remaining
- Weekend trip with Dad & Brothers
- Weekend trip with Mum
- Birthday adventure with each Niece
- 0 Coffee Cups, 0 Grocery Bags, 0 Food Waste, 0 Chicken, 0 Beef
- Rock climb first 5.12 graded route
- Climbing trip within BC or Mexico
- Grow 5x unique Types of Peppers


Next is an important piece to think through that is frequently overlooked.

We set Intentions and Goals to align our time, energy, and resources with initiatives that make us feel a certain way. For instance, we focus on our relationships because we want to be Loved. We focus on profession or finances because we want to feel Secure. etc.

Spend a few minutes thinking through late December 2021 and how you hope to feel. What feelings and emotions come to mind?

How Jordan wants to feel in December 20211:

Excited - It has been a great year of working on something I am incredibly passionate about, seeing the first embers form, and knowing all that is to come in Years 2 and 3.
Peaceful - Content and at peace with the foundation that has been laid. It may not be glamorous or beautiful, but it is strong and solid and provides the platform for a long and enduring mission.
Happy - Happy with myself for passing on conventional wisdom and pursuing what my heart desires and dealing with the mental challenges that emerge in a healthy and productive manner.


Now that you have set your Intention & Goals, put them somewhere that you will frequently see them (at minimum on a weekly basis). A few options for this:

- Write them out on a whiteboard, mirror, or notebook
- Save them onto the back of your phone or laptop
- Send an e-mail to yourself with the Intention as the subject line and in the body of the e-mail your goals. Each morning open it and read through it, and then snooze it for the next morning


This is where the magic really starts to happen.

On a monthly or quarterly basis, carve out a half-day or weekend to slow down, reflect on how you're living out your Intention over the past chunk of time (be it 30 or 90 days), review how you're progressing towards your goals, and give yourself absolute permission to refine as needed. Those goals that aren't lighting you up? Give yourself permission to let them go. Realizations about how your Intention is serving you? Incorporate those into a refined Intention.

What's most important is that your Intention and Goals are getting perpetually getting more refined on an on-going basis and propelling you towards the emotional state you are hoping to be in.

We'll dig more into this last step in a few months time!

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  • Thanks for sharing this information and including an example of your own goals. Being specific and limiting what you write down makes them achievable and measurable. Not too lofty. Small steps. I will work on this in January.

    Monica Schwabe

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